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Please note I am retiring this page.  See the Blog for up to date news.

I  recently directed the astoundingly talented Nikki & JD in Le Lien.

The piece was wonderfully received, toured in 2016 with the support of Crying Out Loud and will be re-developed in 2017 for future touring.  Watch this space for dates.



Le Lien is the invisible string that connects two people. It is the complex yet simple bond that we juggle with our whole lives.
This piece follows the journey of two individuals through the absurdity, joy and mundanity of ‘making things work’.  Acrobatics, movement and storytelling combine to expose the hopes we hold for the ideal relationship.


"Nikki Rummer and Jean-Daniel Brousse convey an aching vulnerability (...) breath- taking in every way."

Josephine Leask, Resolution Review 2016

Le Lien has been develped with support from Arts Council England, National Centre for Acircus Arts, Deda, Jacksons Lane and No Fit State.

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