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Awareness Through Movement at Wusi Creative Space

So excited to finally be launching my London Feldenkrais classes!

Classes are at Wusi Creative Space, Hackney: Fridays 8.10am and Mondays 8.40pm, running in 4-6 week blocks.

Please get in touch for further information, or check out the facebook page, Rosamond Martin Moving Bodies.


Awareness Through Movement lessons

Everything we do is physical, even thinking. We don't leave the body behind when we're sitting in a chair at a desk or in a meeting. Developing your physical awareness in movement can help you live more comfortably and efficiently as you let go of the habitual physical patterns which no longer serve you. Whether you want to improve your posture, deepen your yoga practice, sleep better, improve in playing an instrument or sport, or sit at work more comfortably, Feldenkrais can help your nervous system to stop doing those thing which you currently do, without realising, and which hold you back, make work harder or cause you pain or discomfort.

Lessons consist of gentle movements carried out in sitting, standing or, most commonly, lying. The challenge is not to push yourself, not to work in pain, not to try harder, but just to observe yourself and focus your awareness. The teacher explains what to do physically and also helps guide your awareness throughout.

Weekly classes and regular workshops. Private lessons also available.

Classes are 45 mins to 1 hr. Workshops are 2 to 2.5 hrs.

Wusi Creative Space,

4 Broadway Market Mews,



E8 4TS

Please be sure to wear/bring comfortable clothes, warm layers and socks.

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