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Audio and Video Resources

Free Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® lessons

Please note, Feldenkrais is unlike any other methodology... it is particularly important not to carry out the movements as if they were "exercises", instead you are invited to enter a state of mindfulness and explore your own body in movement... read the accompanying text for further information and advice on how to approach the lessons.

Free audio-only Pilates lessons

Please note that for safety reasons I recommend these full length lessons to existing Pilates clients only.

Rather than teaching pure Pilates, I often draw from Awareness Through Movement®, functional training methodologies, developmental movement, experiential anatomy and restorative practices, to provide a more holistic experience, enrich my Pilates teaching and respond specifically to the needs of the people in the class.  You may also be aware that Pilates (unlike Feldenkrais) is a practice that relies heavily on visual examples.  Audio recordings of Pilates classes are therefore only suitable for students already familiar with my teaching style and terminology.

Sense & Sensibility Audio Guide: Awareness, Movement, Touch

This audio guide is password protected and available only to students who have participated in the Sense & Sensibility workshop.

Audio and Video available on donation:
Feldenkrais®, Pilates, Holistic, Functional Morning Movement Practice, Workouts, Gentle, Restorative Movement lessons, Postural Re-Set Tutorials and Nervous System Regulation

These class recordings are available on a donation basis. Give what you can and once you have done so, drop me an email so that I can forward you the password for you to access the recordings.

Please note I cannot guarantee that these lessons will be here forever.


All participation is carried out at the participant's own risk.

If you are unsure of the suitability of any of the material, please refrain from participating and feel free to get in touch for further advice or to discuss appropriate approaches to training.

If you are concerned about specific medical conditions please speak to a medical professional before commencing new types of activity.

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