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What Is It and Why Do It?

Move more efficiently, become more adaptable, and recover faster. Effortlessly.

Feldenkrais® is a movement method that improves other areas of your life: strengthen your sports performance, refine your yoga practice or make your current training programme more successful.


No matter what your starting point, there is room for improvement.


Lessons leave you more flexible, more stable, more adaptable and ready for the next action, whether that might be cycling, running, dancing, sleeping well, carrying a baby or sitting comfortably at a desk.

Click here for class times or to reserve a 1:1 please contact me here

What To Expect

There are two types of class.

Awareness Through Movement® lessons happen in groups: students follow the teacher's voice, through a series of guided movements, paying attention to and learning from their own experience.

Functional Integration® lessons are given 1:1.  In a conversation between two nervous systems, students effortlessly follow the hands-on guidance of the teacher's gentle movements and manipulations.  These lessons can feel more "passive" but your nervous system is busy learning profoundly.

In both types of lesson, the teacher acts as guide; to shed light on holding patterns and unhelpful habits of self-use, invite exploration and coax the system into letting go. From this place we can re-find more functional, pleasurable and efficient ways of moving, experiencing the self and being in the world.

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