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Student/Client 1:1 Feldenkrais® Testimonials

"I've done both 1:1 Feldenkrais sessions with Rosamond and followed the daily live practice. Both of these, in very different ways, have had an incredible effect on how I feel in my body. Being new to Feldenkrais, I was surprised how these small movements, coupled with an acute awareness of how the body moves and wants to be moved, helped with back pains and stiffness much more than anything else I have tried.

Rosamond makes you feel extremely comfortable and at ease, is funny and knowledgeable, has a voice you want to listen to for hours, and is just an overall awesome person."

“Lightening, enlightening, life-giving - thank you!”


“Rosamond created a beautifully calm therapeutic space where I felt really welcomed and instantly at ease. She worked with real care and the treatment was unlike anything I have experienced in its attention to detail and thoughtfulness. I really recommend a one to one session with her as a way of gaining a deeper understanding of your body in all its uniqueness.”


"Ros has literally changed my life with Feldenkrais.

I know that's quite an big claim, but after over twenty years and an international career performing and teaching as a professional acrobat, I thought I knew my body.

Over the last few years I've had some serious injuries and was stuck with a few debilitating pains that I put down to long term overuse, age and arthritis.

This year I've had four 1:1 sessions with Ros and whilst the issues aren't gone, I've got new ways of dealing with them that mean I've been able to start training and doing acrobatics again with almost no pain or stiffness.

It really has been quite incredible!"

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