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On Ownership, Collaboration and Categorisation


In the collaborative worlds of devising, art and performance-making, roles and responsibilities are varied and emergent. Different people and different sectors have different definitions and ways of using language; agreeing upon and articulating credits, contributions and ownership is an endless topic for debate and often a work in progress.

For the purpose of categorisation I have divided the work here into four sections: Performer; Director; Choreographer; Teacher.  Below you can find descriptions of how I differentiate each of these domains, and click through to see more work within each category.


For the sake of transparency however, and so as not to contribute to the common cultural cover-up of the reality of over-worked, under-paid, unsustainable life in the arts, it is worth acknowledging that I have been involved in the making of all the work on display here not only as performer, director or choreographer, but at different times and in different cases also as as co-writer; producer; manager; curator; facilitator or administrator; always (and not always fortunately) in multiple roles at once.


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