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by Alula Cyr

"Imagine a hula hoop - but massive, made of steel, and with a super-strong person using it to spin and cartwheel their way across the stage - and you've got the Cyr wheel" (Time Out London).  Times that by three, and you've got Alula Cyr, the first all-female Cyr troupe.

In their show Hyena, contemporary circus, gymnastics and dance are woven together with artful patterns of object manipulation and spacial design.  The trio make, break and re-create giant metal structures, supporting each other and knocking each other down as they negotiate pack dynamics.

With fierce displays of strength and power, determination and resilience, Alula collaborate to sing, spin, strut and howl their way through the complexities of sisterhood.

Supported by Arts Council England, Jacksons Lane, The National Centre for Circus Arts and SeaChange Arts and Produced by Alula Cyr.

At times they come together with easy grace, power and synchronicity, to achieve things they could only realise together, and at times they bully, prowl, fight, scowl, and knock the ladder out from underneath each other.

Photo by David White

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