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Welcome to the archive of our shared daily practice recorded in lockdown 2020.  This was then:


What a pleasure.  And thanks for taking part in this online community experiment with me.

Video will be live from 11AM from Monday-Friday.


Operating remotely and via live stream I will not be able to provide feedback, and as this is me doing my own practice for you to follow-along, rather than my teaching-live, I will not be giving adjustments for special populations or unique physical conditions etc.  So, more than ever...  I invite you to listen to your own body.  Practice treating yourself gently and only do what you feel confident you are comfortable doing.  If you know you have special requirements or are rehabilitating from injury I encourage you to schedule time for your own individual physical preparation before joining.  This is a general level movement exploration, but feel free to comment below, put in requests, notify me of special interests, ask questions and make suggestions.  And, I do also offer online classes, so if you have something particular you want to work on, just get in touch.


Big love to everyone.  Look after yourselves.  Take this time as an opportunity to connect to curiosity and pleasure… even if that means drifting in and out or getting fully taken away on your own wave / with your own vibe / expanding your own practice.

Any and all feedback much appreciated. x


Following-along with this lesson is at the risk and judgement of the participant.

If you are unsure of the suitability of any of the material, please refrain from participating and feel free to get in touch for further advice or to discuss appropriate approaches to training.

If you are concerned about specific medical conditions please speak to a medical professional before commencing new types of activity.

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