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Once Standing

by Out Of Order

The world has come to an end. Civilisation as we know it has ceased to exist. In the absence of society, the last two people left on Earth turn to imagination, resilience and candy-floss to start from scratch.

Once Standing is a punishing, tender, exhilarating post-apocalyptic tale, told through physical theatre, contemporary circus, hard hats, skateboards, elaborate headpieces, human puppetry, experimental mating rituals, aerial acrobatics, video tape, soft toys and dance.

Creation and Performance: Angeliki Nikolakaki & Iman Luna - External Director:  Rosamond Martin - Costume designer: Akshy Marayen - Set designer: Sally Somerville-Woodiwis - Light designer: Octavio Gomez Vasquez - Producer: Frauke Leonie Fichtner - Co-produced by: Festival Internacional de Teatro de Molina

Photo by David White

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